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Pehlwaan trailer: Sudeep steps into the ring with Suniel Shetty mentoring him 

Directed by Krishna, the film is set to release in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. 

Shriram Iyengar

The saga of a down-and-out wrestler who battles life and its problems to find redemption through sport again is quite familiar. Sudeep wears the tights for Krishna's film as a wrestler facing the odds.

The film also features Suniel Shetty in the role of the grizzled mentor who takes on this hot-headed talent and moulds him. The film is set to release in five languages - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam - on 12 September. 

The trailer begins with the familar voice of Suniel Shetty describing the difference between a rowdy and a warrior. 'One whose strength lies in his cause is a warrior," he says, marking the entry of Sudeep into the 'akhada' (wrestling ring). While he does have the talent for wrestling, his hot-headed nature takes him down the lane of gangsters, and constant clashes with the police. 

The trailer is not clear on what causes the downfall for the wrestler, but we get flashes of the actor working as a labourer in the city. The hard work tempers his nature, and soon, he turns to boxing to find his redemption. 

The trailer is well crafted with just enough drama, and heroism, to keep Sudeep's fans interested. Suniel Shetty does well to play the mentor, and considering his own experience in fitness and wellness and seems a good fit for the role. However, the story's arc is far too similar to Ali Abbas Zafar's Sultan (2016). Even the shots of Sudeep wrestling on the red earth, and the style with which he shapes his moustache, are nods to the Salman Khan film. 

Directed by Krishna, Pehlwaan is set to release on 12 September. 

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