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Khari Biscuit song 'Khari': Two innocent kids win your heart

Vedashree Khadilkar and Adarsh Kadam are lovable in this sweet number from Sanjay Jadhav's interestingly titled film.

Keyur Seta

Director Sanjay Jadhav made his mark with commercial entertainers featuring big stars wearing colourful branded outfits. Checkmate (2008), Duniyadari (2013) and Ye Re Ye Re Paisa (2018) are some of his popular films. But with his next film Khari Biscuit, Jadhav has chosen to tread a very different path.

This is the first time the cinematographer-director has made a film about children. Not just any children, but two kids living in acute poverty.

The song ‘Khari’ from Khari Biscuit gives the viewer a good idea about the film. ‘Khari biscuit’ is a popular Mumbai baked snack usually consumed with tea. Here child artistes Vedashree Khadilkar and Adarsh Kadam are named Khari and Biscuit, respectively.

The song and the accompanying visuals are moving. The way Biscuit takes care of his visually challenged younger sister Khari, putting her needs ahead of his, will touch your heart. Despite living in abject poverty, the children are happy in their own simple world.

Singer Kunal Ganjawala also deserves credit for the impact of the song. Ganjawala gets completely involved in narrating the life of Khari and Biscuit. Screenwriter Kshitij Patwardhan’s lyrics are simple yet meaningful while composers Suraj-Dhiraj have used a foot-tapping tune that also suits a children’s song.

Khari Biscuit will be released on 27 September. Watch the song below and let us know how keen you are to watch this film.

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