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Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo song 'Aleya': Describes the mysterious equation between Shantilal and Nandita

The song has been composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee and sung by Nikhita Gandhi.

Roushni Sarkar

Pratim D Gupta makes his debut as a lyricist with the song 'Aleya' from his upcoming film Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo (2019). The director has also experimented with the visuals of the song, composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee and sung by Nikhita Gandhi.

The song basically describes the mysterious equation between journalist-turned-detective Shantilal (Ritwick Chakraborty) and actress-turned-politician Nandita (Paoli Dam).

In Bengali, Aleya means a mysterious light that only disappears when chased. In the film, Nandita represents Aleya as the epitome of mystery, while Shantilal continues to pursue her story.

From the lyrics, it seems that Shantilal keeps getting leads regarding Nandita, but the latter continues to elude him and refuses to come within his reach.

In order to magnify the element of enigma, Gupta has infused visual graphics of liquid colour in which the characters appear and disappear in silhouettes. The sequence of Nandita dancing in a seductive mood as well as throwing around her charms appears intriguing.

The song 'Shomoy' first introduced some sequences of Nandita and Shantilal sharing the same frame. However, in 'Aleya', in order to magnify the essence of the song, no sequence shared by the two characters has been included.

The song has a digital sound. Mukherjee has not experimented with the tune much and Nikhita Gandhi’s voice has also been lent an extremely digital tone.

However, the music arrangement goes well with the play of visual effects. The song ends with a sequence of Shantilal getting inside a lift which suggests he is getting ready for a big challenge after the chase.

Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo is slated for release on 15 August. Watch the 'Aleya' song below.


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