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Blank song 'Ali Ali': Akshay Kumar and Karan Kapadia dance to trippy, outlandish Sufi song

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The song is composed by Arko and sung by him and B Praak. 

Shriram Iyengar

Akshay Kumar seems to be on a weird trip these days. After turning journalist, the actor seems to be willing to experiment more than usual. The latest sign is his appearance in the song, 'Ali Ali', from Behzad Khambata's upcoming directorial debut, Blank. The film also marks the acting debut of Akshay's brother-in-law, Karan Kapadia.

To say the song's visuals are trippy is an understatement. With its core influence being the video of Kendrick Lamar and SZA's 'All The Stars' track, the song dives into a completely different zone. From Akshay and Kapadia dressed in wraparounds to mimic the Greek philosophers, to their zany kaleidoscopic suits on a shanty in the middle of nowhere, the video seems to be all over the place. But it is the dancers with their heads on fire that truly take the cake.

The composition by Arko is haunting and hypnotic in its rhythm, but not memorable. While the visuals have a distinct early 2000s-era music video feel, the song itself brings up reminders of Himesh Reshammiya's heyday. However, B Praak and Arko offer better vocals to the song. The sad part is that it attempts to hype the sufi element, but fails to make the impact. The lyrics by Arko and Adiep Singh feel a bit repetitive after a while.

Although the song builds on the theme of god having dominion over all, the jarring inequality between the visuals and the music feels odd. The choreography by Ranju Varghese is another element that is out of place. While Akshay can still put in his experience to carry off the outlandish concept, Kapadia seems woefully out of place. The debutante's expressions are missing and make for a difficult watch.

Blank is set to be released on 3 May.

Watch the song below and tell us if you are keen to watch the film.


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