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Baalaa trailer: Plenty of unintentional laughs in this sports-based film

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The film has some quality actors like Vikram Gokhale and Upendra Limaye. 

Keyur Seta

Marathi cinema has churned out a number of unintentionally hilarious films in the last few years. Maanus Ek Maati (2017), Nagarsevak Ek Nayak (2017), Truckbhar Swapna (2018) and Aamhi Befikar (2019) are recent examples. Now, Sachindra Sharma’s Baalaa seems well on its way as a new addition to this coveted list.

In the recently released trailer, we see that the film is about a kid who is eager to become a cricketer. There have been a quite a few sports related films in Marathi about an underdog in recent times.

The trailer is full of immature scenes put together in a haphazard manner. It seems the editor just wanted to compile them and get the job done with somehow.

We have a conflict about a young boy's father (Upendra Limaye) who hates his son playing cricket. We also see the father's relationship with his own father (Vikram Gokhale) break down, while his wife adds to the melodarama. The child running away and making new friends, a prostitute angle, an accident and devotion towards lord Vitthal are among other things the trailer reveals.

The film is produced by Yash & Raj Entertainment, and hilariously announces “A boy who ‘dare’ to dream” in the trailer.

The most surprising part is that fine actors like Gokhale and Limaye agreed to be a part of Baalaa. Also starring Kranti Redkar, the film will be released on 3 May.

Watch the trailer and tell us if you are interested in watching the film.

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