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Rinku Rajguru's presence will have an effect on the box office: Kaagar director Makarand Mane 

Mane also shared that he was nervous as the release date (26 April) nears.

Keyur Seta

Kaagar, starring Rinku Rajguru and Shubhankar Tawade, is based in a village. The film deals with a love story in a charged up political atmosphere. During an exclusive conversation, director Makarand Mane told us why he prefers stories set in the villages.

“In cities, stories are confined behind the doors of a flat because of privacy. But that is not the case in villages. Over there in everybody’s house there is politics and social work. You can’t be separated from them. Politics is an important part of life for people over there. You can’t separate it,” he said.

When asked about casting Rajguru, Mane said that from the writing stage itself he was sure that he didn’t want a city-based girl. Co-incidentally, both of them hail from Akluj. “She has seen the atmosphere there. Later while doing Sairat she saw a different part of Maharashtra as well. Also I wanted someone who would understand my story and vision. I think she was perfect for it. She stuck to the script and the idea,” he said.

Mane believes that she is a good listener, which is one of her biggest plus points. “And we don’t need to speak about her acting because she has already proven it,” he added.

Kaagar sees Rajguru play a simple village girl who is forced to enter politics in order to provide a helping hand to her lover, played by Tawade.

When asked whether having her on board would boost the box office earnings, Mane was quick to add, “It will definitely have an effect. But not just because of her, we have a team like Viacom. I also have my producers who are always there. So, I think all this will have an effect on the box office,” he said.

Rinku Rajguru on Kaagar: I don’t like films where the hero rescues the heroine

Kaagar is Mane’s third film after Ringan: The Quest (2017) and Youngraad (2018). The common point in all three films is the presence of actor Shashank Shende. “Our tuning is very good. I consider him as my mentor. I always consult him for anything I am working on. I don’t like forcefully including him in my projects. But he is always with me,” he said. The actor plays Rajguru's father and mentor in the film.

Mane is all praise for Tawade because he had to learn the Solapur dialect despite hailing from a city like Mumbai. “A person used to speaking in a village dialect can adapt to the language of the city. But it is the opposite in his case,” he pointed out.

Makarand Mane

The subject of Kaagar was playing at the back of his mind as he always liked politics and social work and had stayed at Manshakti Prayog Kendra for two years when he was in junior college. “These things were always there at the back of the mind. I then thought of creating a story about a girl amidst this atmosphere. A girl who is forced to go out of the house and change her thoughts,” he said.

Kaagar will be out on 26 April, which is right in the middle of the ongoing general elections in India. Mane admits that they were targeting this period because of the subject. “We were looking for this kind of atmosphere to release the film. Rinku was having her exams earlier and we thought of giving her time and delayed the film,” he said.

Mane shared that he was nervous as the release date nears. “The question of whether people like the film or not comes later. First they should watch the film and react. Whatever the feedback is, we should accept it,” he said.