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Here's how Randeep Hooda's sister Dr Anjali helped him lose weight for Sarbjit

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The actor lost 18 kilos to play Sarabjit Singh in the biopic on his life and death.

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In the biopic Sarbjit (2016), actor Randeep Hooda underwent a drastic body change, losing 18 kilos to play an Indian man, Sarabjit Singh languishing in a Pakistani jail for 22 years. The film was lauded for its performances and for Hooda's commitment to the role.

Hooda's elder sister, Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan, works as the medical director at the Center for Obesity and Longevity. In her new book, Think Eat Live Smart: Secrets to Supercharge Your Health, she discusses how she helped her younger brother on his weight loss journey.

She wrote after people saw his dramatic weight loss in the film, they called her to ask for quick weight loss tips.

"As I explained to everyone then and will do again now," she stated in the book. "He is a film star, he had a goal in mind and that was his motivation. He wanted to get into a character. But most of us live in the real world, where we have many other things to do instead of working day in and day out to suit ourselves to a role."

Hooda in the film, prior to the weight loss.

Furthermore, the actor's progress was kept under observation.

"Randeep had calorie restrictions, as well as frequent blood testing and EKGs to make sure that there were no deleterious effects on his health. I was monitoring him day and night - he had given up his social life," she continued.

Dr Anjali also wrote that initially she was against Randeep's plans but he convinced her otherwise.

"I didn't want him to do this in the first place because I was against him losing him much weight, but he was adamant. He convinced me that there was no one better than me who knew him and his health. I took up the task reluctantly, but was determined that he would keep up his health and well-being. When drastic weight loss happens, muscle loss is very high and it takes time to rebuild that lost muscle. So unless medically indicated, very low calorie diets are reserved for heavily obese patients under strict supervision," the doctor advised.

Sarbjit, directed by Omung Kumar B, also starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as his devoted sister, Dalbir Kaur, who fights for his release from prison.