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Sometimes I feel I may get overshadowed by Rinku Rajguru’s acting skills, says Shubhankar Tawade

The actor plays a young and budding politician in Makarand Mane's Kaagar. 

Keyur Seta

Actor Shubhankar Tawade played the role of Ankush Chaudhari’s younger brother in Sameer Vidwans’ Double Seat (2015), which also featured Mukta Barve. He has landed his first role as the lead in Makarand Mane’s Kaagar (2019).

The film sees him opposite Rinku Rajguru, who became a household name in Maharashtra after the stupendous success of her debut Sairat (2016). Tawade says he sometimes feels he might get overshadowed by her, but not because she is a famous actor. “I didn’t feel I will get overshadowed because she is a star. But as an actor I did feel sometimes that I might get overshadowed because she is so good in her work. Her screen presence is also very strong,” he said.

But he looks at this positively. "Somehow this thought helps me as an actor as I feel like giving not my 100% but 150%," said the young actor.

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Tawade bagged the role after Mane was impressed with his work in Anirudh Kutwad’s adaptation of Romeo Juliet in The Drama School Mumbai. “I was playing Juliet’s father in it. Makarand sir had seen my work in it and knew about me. The make-up artiste of my TV show Freshers is his friend. He gave my reference and then I gave auditions. I was asked to lose weight,” he said.

Tawade is from Mumbai, but his character in Kaagar required him to speak in the dialect heard in Solapur and adjoining areas. “The language is completely different,” he said.

For preparation, he visited places like Akluj and Solapur and bonded with the people. “I didn’t reveal anything. I just said I am here for a college project and asked them to show me around. I used to stay with them and then started recording their mannerisms, way of speaking, body language. I did some research on how that part of the world is and how to present the character,” he said.

Tawade plays a young and budding politician in Kaagar. He faces hurdles from antagonists in the village which force Rajguru's character to enter politics.

Tawade had a good experience with Mane, with whom he was involved from the early stages of the project. “I was with him right from the location recce. We used to stay together in his office in Pune, where I was going through the whole process including weight loss. He became not just a mentor but also a friend. This was also seen in our work. There is a lot to learn from that man,” he said.

Kaagar is scheduled to be released on 26 April.