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Selection Day 2 trailer: Manju's dilemma deepens as selection day nears

The second season of the series will air on Netflix on 19 April.

Shriram Iyengar

Udayan Prasad's Selection Day is set to return to the digital platform, Netflix on 19 April for its second season. Where the first season ended a 100 days before the eponymous 'selection day', the second season looks to take the two boys, Radha and Manju, further on the journey. The trailer for the second season released on the social media today. 

The trailer is mash-up of scenes from the first and second season. It begins in the first season, putting into context Radha (Yash Dholye) and Manju (Mohammed Samad) journey into Mumbai's hallowed cricketing grounds. As they battle their dictatorial father, Manju realises his penchant and aptitude for science and engineering. 

The twist in the second season will revolve around Manju's conviction in his own dream and charting a path away from the cricketing journey that his father (Rajesh Tailang) has plotted out for him. Whether this conviction will break the bond between the brothers or if they will support each other through it is to be seen. The other key element is the growing crush between Manju and Javed, his classmate. The trailer dips into this conundrum but does not reveal much about Manju's own gender struggles. Regardless, the only certainty is that Manju's dilemma might form the key plot point for the season. 

The second season will air on Netflix from 19 April. 

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