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The teaser of Bayko Deta Ka Bayko is mysterious: Watch video

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The title is based on the famous dialogue from Natsamrat (2016). 

Keyur Seta

Director Mahesh Manjrekar’s superhit Natsamrat Asa Nat Hone Nahi (2016) was full of appealing dialogues. Some of them were retained from VV Shirwadkar’s classic play, on which the film was based. One line from the film that became instantly famous and continues to be is, ‘Koni ghar deta ka ghar?’ It translates to, ‘Can anyone give me a home?’

Debutant director Suresh Sahabrao Thange has picked the dialogue, and twisted it to call his film Bayko Deta Ka Bayko. Here, house is replaced by wife and the title translates to ‘Can anyone give me a wife?’

The recently released teaser indicates that just a catchy title is of little use if your content is dodgy.

In fact, this looks like a mysterious teaser where it is difficult to make out what the film is about. We get to see a few random characters speaking about someone’s potential marriage. A mother wants a government servant as her son-in-law, while her daughter (Shweta Kulkarni) doesn’t seem too happy with it. There is also a drunkard overacting.

Thange will make his acting debut with this film along with Kulkarni. The film also stars senior actors like Sunil Godbole and Abhilasha Patil.

Watch the teaser below:


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