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Rupam Islam and Rupankar Bagchi to sing duet in Murari Rakshit's Reunion

At the music launch, the artistes had more reason to rejoice as it was also the silver jubilee anniversary of Shilajit Majumdar’s first album and marked a new beginning for Islam and Bagchi.

The music team of Reunion at the music launch on 1 September.

Roushni Sarkar

Team Amara Muzik launched the music of Murari Rakshit’s upcoming film Reunion at Lake Mall on Saturday (1 September). Alongwith the director, music composer Joy Sarkar, actors Parambrata Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Samadarshi Dutta, Indrasish Roy, Sourav Das, Saayoni Ghosh, vocalists Shilajit Majumdar, Rupam Islam and Rupankar Bagchi were also present at the event.

The artistes had more reason to rejoice as it was also the silver jubilee anniversary of Majumdar’s first album and marked a new beginning for Islam and Bagchi. Both the singers, who started their careers almost at the same time, were given the first opportunity to sing a duet by the composer.

“I am extremely grateful to Rupam for working with me. I have worked with him previously but this song is very special to me. Also there is Rupankar, who has also sung two songs - one is a duet with Rupam. For the first, the two voices will be heard together. The song is in an extremely crucial juncture in the film. Also, I would like to mention Rajib Chakraborty, the lyricist, who has written three songs for the films and has worked extremely hard,” said Sarkar.

“Everyone is asking me how does it feel to be a part of a venture with so many stars? I want to tell them that this should have happened long ago and I am very glad that Rupam, Rupankar and I, all are singing together in this film, which stars a host of brilliant actors as well,” said Majumdar.

“It is always interesting to work with Joy. The audience has listened to our previous songs and they have made them popular as well. I am thankful to Joy that he has thought of making both me and Rupankar sing together. Long back, when both of our albums were released at the same time, people used to confuse our names while buying them. Now, people are aware of our distinct styles and voices, so I think they will enjoy the song a lot. All the best to Reunion; this venture has also been a reunion for us,” exclaimed Islam.

“I agree with Rupam and thank Joy for giving us this opportunity for the first time in our career. The audience will judge the song. What I want to say is that the song had already been recorded by Rupam when I went to sing. Both of us have complemented each other in the song. Also, I have heard the other songs which are equally ingenious. I think Joy is one of the most talented musicians of this industry. He is extremely amiable and deserves much more. I hope that journey begins with this film,” said Bagchi.

“Music plays a very important role in this film. The film is primarily based on the hostel life of the 1990s. We all know that there is a huge difference between the music of that period and now. There used to be a unique combination of lyrics ad melody. We have tried to recreate that magic in this film,” said the director.

The film will feature five songs — one is by Nachiketa Chakraborty, a hostel anthem by Majumdar, an emotional track 'Manush Akhono Manusher Pase' by both Rupam and Rupankar, a folk song by Shaan and Iman Chakraborty, the theme song by Timir Biswas, Rupankar and Joy himself, and a Rabindra Sangeet by Anima Roy.