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American TV host Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mogambo khush hua' moment with rapper Riz Ahmed

Ahmed was on Kimmel's chat-show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, to promote his upcoming song 'Mogambo'.

Our Correspondent

British-Pakistani actor, rapper and activist Riz Ahmed's upcoming song, titled 'Mogambo', might a lot of heads turn in India, especially among those who follow Hindi films. Mogambo, as we know, is one of the timeless villains from Shekhar Kapur’s blockbuster Mr India (1987). Late actor Amrish Puri essayed the famous character.

Recently, Ahmed appeared on the American television chat-show Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he not only spoke about his song, but also made Kimmel utter the signature line of the famous villain, "Mogambo khush hua."

Speaking about Mogambo, Ahmed said, “He is probably the most famous super villain in all of Bollywood film history. He is from this classic film called Mr India in 1987. I was watching [it] when I was like five-years-old [sic]. He is really famous mainly because he has got like the best catchphrase.” 

To Ahmed’s surprise, Kimmel repeated, ‘Mogambo khush hua’ perfectly in the first attempt itself. 

Ahmed’s song will be released next week. 

Watch the fun moment: