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Baazaar song 'Kem Cho': Ikka, Tanishk Bagchi bring Gujarati hip-hop flavour to Hindi cinema

Though the lyrics are a bit silly, the music and the singing make 'Kem Cho' an enjoyable number.

Mayur Lookhar

Talk of rap music and the genre is dominated by Haryanvi and Punjabi artistes. However, Gujarati, too, makes for an appealing rap song.

But it is true that while there have been artistes who have shone on YouTube, it is hard to recollect Hindi cinema having had a rap song with Gujarati flavour.

Well, that changes. We do have one now in the Saif Ali Khan-starrer Baazaar. Khan plays a Gujarati stockbroker in this upcoming film.

'Kem Cho' is a fitting track to describe Shakun Kothari (Khan), a man with a taste for the fine things of life. What makes his dreams come true is his vast wealth. Throw money, and the world bows to you. Kothari is no different from any filthily rich business tycoon. The visuals are self-explanatory.

Rapper Ikka Singh has collaborated with Shabbir Ahmed on this number. The lyrics smack of stereotypes with the jalebi, fafda, chaniya choli, rokdo, and chokro. They are a little silly, but what is likeable about the track is the peppy music and rap beats.

Tanishk Bagchi has scored a nice mix of pop and desi rap. Singer Jyotica Tangri gets the little antara, where the tempo switches to more desi music, but it is Ikka Singh who shines all the way through. The silly lyrics notwithstanding, Ikka Singh is on the money with his rap notes.

While not a great hip-hop track by any means, 'Kem Cho' is a fairly entertaining number, and one hopes it will drive composers to create more rap songs with a Gujarati flavour.

Baazaar is set to be released on 26 October. Watch the track below and tell us how you think the film will fare at the box office.

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