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My costume weighed more than 30-40kg: Amitabh Bachchan on Thugs Of Hindostan

The 75-year-old actor recalled the tough times he faced while playing Khudabaksh in the film, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya.

Mayur Lookhar

The much-awaited trailer of Thugs Of Hindostan was launched yesterday (27 September) and the film is set to be released on 8 November.

It must be recalled that earlier this year, Bachchan had fallen ill during the film's shoot. The heavy costume that he was asked to wear brought in many challenges for the 75-year-old actor.

At the trailer launch, Bachchan was asked how he felt doing an action film after a long time. In his reply, the actor didn’t hesitate in narrating the tough times he faced while shooting this film. He plays Khudabaksh, a revolutionary who wants to rid India of the British Raj in 1795.  

“It is not my age, to do all this. But Victor sir [director Vijay Krishna Acharya] asked me to do it and I’m still paying for it. There is no body part that didn't break. I have been to many hospitals, met various doctors, but there is no improvement," Bachchan cheekily said.

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He explained how the heavy armour in the film made his life difficult. “I’d be fine if I was required to wear normal clothes. But they got me this armour. Thankfully, it was not an iron armour. I thought I was done with iron armour after Shahenshah (1988).

"Here Victor offered an armour made of leather. However, this leather was very thick, it perhaps weighed more than 30-40kg. Plus, I was given two swords and a dagger, turban and the hair. It took three-four hours to get into the get-up. Then, I had to jump here and there,” he said.

What made it worse for Bachchan is that the action sequences were largely shot in rain. “What was most dangerous was that all this action was taking place in rains. So, the leather armour, that was soaked in water, became heavier. It felt heavier by 20-30kg. I had to work to under such a load. The rest please ask Victor — Why he made me do all this?” he added.

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Director Acharya was ready with a reply, “Sir, aapke naam mein hi itna vazan hai, ke aapko costume halka de hi nahi sakte [Sir, your name itself is so heavy that we could not give you a lighter costume].”

Bachchan, not one to be left behind, shot back, “Sir, it’s my job to say dialogues, please don’t tell dialogues here.”

Thugs Of Hindostan is not the first action-fantasy adventure that Bachchan has been a part of. He starred in the fantasy drama Ajooba in 1991, where he played a superhero. Back then, however, technology was not as advanced as they are now. So, one would think it is easier to shoot such a film in today's time.

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Bachchan though feels quite the opposite, and said, “The increase in technology has only resulted in more dangerous work. Technology is there but you still have to put in the same effort. The only difference is that in the earlier times, we couldn’t do more [action stuff] for that was not possible for us to do.

Earlier we had to jump off, roll from a small height. But today, because you have a harness, they want you to jump from 30-40 feet. Visually, it has become a lot more presentable, but in the olden days, we actually chose large locations and we shot there. I don’t think it has become easier."