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FryDay 'Jimmy Choo' song: Vibrant, peppy remake lacks the Govinda magic

Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic and composer Rossh take centre-stage as Govinda and Varun Sharma appear on the sides.

Mayur Lookhar

Rap music is often used by the male artists to satiate their appetite for booze, party and girls. But why should boys have all the fun?  Women, too, have the right to use the genre to express their materialistic desires.

In 2016, singer Priyanka Goyat joined hands with rapper Fazilpuria and composers Millind Gaba and Rossh to create a delightful track, 'Jimmy Choo', for the shopaholics. For those uninitiated, Jimmy Choo is a renowned international fashion brand.

Given the popularity of the song, featuring Goyat and Fazipuria, perhaps, more so in the north Indian belt, it comes as no surprise that we now have a remake of the 'Jimmy Choo' song.

T-Series has recreated the song for their film, FryDay, starring actors Govinda and Varun Sharma.

Now we listened carefully to the original and the remake. Making minute changes in the new version, composer-lyricist Rossh, who also penned the original, has kept most of the lyrics, except for a few verses. In terms of lyrics, the song offers nothing new, but that’s actually a good thing for most remakes now tend to only use the punchline of the original.

What makes this song different is its vibrant, peppy, fast-paced score. Now, the remake, perhaps, makes use of more technology, and so Goyat’s voice is loud. Here, her performance adds more power and energy to the song.  However, if one is to purely judge her for her talent, then Goyat stands out more in the original where her voice is not cluttered by technology.  

Fazilpuria is one of the best rap artists in the country. We couldn’t find much difference in his performance in the new song when compared to the original. 

In the video, the disco lights make it tough to spot the actors. Govinda has had a taste of rap music before when Devang Patel made the parody song 'Stop That' for Gambler (1995). It was inspired by Apache Indian’s very popular 'Chock There'. While Govinda might have appeared as a rapper before, it's hard to recollect the actor pulling of hip-hop dances.

The problem with the FryDay song though is that its lyrics have a woman in center. So, Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic is the focus of this song. She is Rossh's partner here and Govinda and Varun Sharma are reduced to side-actors.  

Having said that Stankovic herself doesn’t have much to do here. In fact, she is capable of much better. Last year, she had delighted us with the remake 'Zindagi Meri Dance', a the disco number, in Arjun Rampal’s Daddy.

While the visuals may be tad disappointing, let’s not forget 'Jimmy Choo' is essentially a party number. The original had us tapping our feet, and the remake will make you burn the dance floors.

FryDay is set to be released on 12 October.

Watch the remake and the original songs below:



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