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Helicopter Eela song: Kajol, Raghav Sachar breathe new life into the 1990s hit ‘Ruk Ruk’

Actress-singer Palomi Ghosh and actress Kajol's energy brings a new vibe to the older song composed by Anu Malik.

Sonal Pandya

With the latest song from Helicopter Eela, it feels like the old Kajol of yore, especially the 1990s, is back. That could have to do with the choice of song being recreated here — ‘Ruk Ruk’ from Vijaypath (1994).

The scenario here is that Kajol’s character Eela is a singer asked to record a song as a dummy. Another singer will come and sing the final version later, but an elated Eela jumps at the opportunity. While she is recording, she imagines herself in the song, singing and dancing along.

The 1990s song, originally sung by Alisha Chinai, written by Shyam Anuragi, and composed by Anu Malik, has been mellowed out here by Raghav Sachar. The song has been jazzed up by a rap-like portion rendered well by actress-singer Palomi Ghosh. She matches Kajol's exuberant energy to the T.

The 1990s production has been given a more colourful look in this 2010s version with Kajol appearing in three different colour schemes — pink, yellow and blue along with extras and backgrounds changed to match her look.

Both composers, Sachar and Malik, too make cameo appearances in the song — Sachar in the fantasy version, Malik as the composer in the studio.

Unlike most remixes, this version of ‘Ruk Ruk’ doesn’t grate and is a valid recreation of the 1990s hit.

Helicopter Eela, directed by Pradeep Sarkar, is due to be released on 12 October.

Watch the song below:

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