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Exclusive: Dalip Tahil admits to 'drinking and driving' but claims no one was hurt

The actor was briefly arrested by the Khar police on 23 September for ramming his car into an autorickshaw that was carrying two passengers.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Actor Dalip Tahil was arrested on Sunday (23 September) by the Khar police for alleged drunk driving. Tahil had rammed his car into an autorickshaw that was carrying two passengers, named Gaurav Chugh and Jenita Gandhi.

A Khar police official confirmed that the incident took place on Sunday night between 7.30-8.00pm. “The actor Dalip Tahil was arrested on Sunday night for drunk driving. A CR [criminal complaint] has been filed against him after he tested positive for alcohol. He was released on bail the same night,” the official said.

According to reports, Tahil rammed his car into the back of the autorickshaw and fled from the scene. The actor couldn’t go far due to the traffic caused by Ganpati visarjan. Chugh and Gandhi chased him and an argument broke out between the three. Chugh and Gandhi then called the police, following which Tahil was promptly arrested.

When contacted, the actor accepted his mistake but claimed that the passengers were not hurt.  

“My only mistake was that I had bumped this auto in front [of my car]. The auto driver was driving so recklessly, as they always do. The whole thing has been exaggerated that I didn’t stop. The lynch mob came and they made it as though I have killed somebody. In fact, the police saved me from the lynching. Then at the police station, the girl who was in the auto, they did a full medical check-up on her, she was totally unhurt. That is why the police let me go,” Tahil informed Cinestaan.com.

Regarding testing positive for alcohol and the CR registered against him, he said, “I’m sorry that I made a mistake. I’m not saying that I didn’t hit the auto. I would have registered the case myself, but the [accident] was so minor that the damage to my car is also negligible. The police have every right to file a charge. If the girl was seriously hurt then I would have been still in jail,” the Daas Dev (2018) actor said.

When asked whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol, Tahil agreed and said, “Well, [pauses] yeah. There was alcohol in my blood, but it’s not the way that girl alleged that I was absolutely drunk. Believe me, it was just a minor touch. If it was someone else, then there wouldn’t have been an issue at all. Because I’m an actor, they started to chase me.

"I’m saying again the girl in the auto was totally unharmed, there wasn’t even a scratch on her... This has been blown out of proportion. I’m a responsible person, if I would have hurt someone, then I would have been the first one to do something about it.”

Tahil (65) is a veteran of the Hindi film industry and has acted in over 200 films. He was last seen in Sudhir Mishra’s Daas Dev (2018).