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Here's why ‘Ruk Ruk Ruk’ song has been chosen for remake in Helicopter Eela

During an interview, the actress gave reasons why this song was picked over her songs from the 1990s.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Keyur Seta

'Ruk Ruk Ruk’ from Vijaypath (1994) will be recreated for Kajol in her upcoming film Helicopter Eela. The song was picturized on Tabu and Ajay Devgn who is also producing Helicopter Eela.

Kajol has a number of hit songs from the 1990s. So, why weren't any of her songs picked for a remake?

“I should have told Ajay to pick up a song of mine, no?” the actress jokingly replied during an interview.  

“‘Ruk Ruk Ruk’ is the kind of song actually that is very typical 1990s song, especially the instrumentation. Plus, there was trend of songs with sounds like ‘Huku Huku’ or ‘Ruk Ruk Ruk.’ Even after listening to the first 10 seconds you feel it’s a 1990s song,” Kajol added.

Another reason for chosing this song was its availability. “It was also the kind of song we didn’t require any negotiations. That was also the reason we chose it,” informed Kajol, who will be seen playing a mother, Eela, to actor Riddhi Sen in the film.

Eela, a single mother, had ambitions to become a singer in her younger days and the re-created song will be based in that time. “More importantly, there is a portion in the film on the 1990s. So, the song just aptly fitted there,” she said.

Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, Helicopter Eela will be released on 12 October.