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Sunny Deol leads the way in this very dated teaser for Bhaiaji Superhit

Directed by Neerraj Pathak, the film is scheduled to be releases on 19 October. 

Shriram Iyengar

While Sunny Deol might still be in shape to play a macho don from Banaras, Bhaiaji Superhit's teaser looks a little dated in its style. The teaser offers sneak peek into Neerraj Pathak's film about a don trying to become a superstar in Hindi cinema. 

Also featuring Arshad Warsi, Preity Zinta, Amisha Patel and Shreyas Talpade, the film begins with the hilarious sight of Sunny Deol's Bhaiaji trying to escape the wrath of his wife, played by Zinta. While the actress has not been part of a film in quite a while, she looks a misfit in the role of a very rustic villager turned moll. 

The teaser is filled with gaffes and inane jokes that make it feel like a glimpse of a 1990s film. Warsi plays the unfortunate director of the film the don wants to star in, while Patel is the one roped in to play the heroine. 

Deol tries to balance between his dreams of being an actor and the ferocity of his wife, his life seems to be unravelling. 

The film, directed by Neerraj Pathak, will be released on 19 October. 

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