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Rainbow Jelly preview: An orphaned special child goes in search of a treasure

Soukarya Ghosal’s Rainbow Jelly is a tribute to eastern folklore.

Roushni Sarkar

Soukarya Ghosal’s Rainbow Jelly is a tribute to eastern folklore. The story revolves around a special child Ghoton (Mahabrata Basu), who was orphaned in his childhood and since then has been raised by his tyrannical and greedy maternal uncle, who he calls Gondaria (Kaushik Sen).

Gondaria does not bother to enrol Ghoton in a special school; rather he enjoys spending his idle days on Ghoton’s father’s fixed account. He controls Ghoton with the false promise that after the latter becomes 18, he will inherit ‘Jakher Dhan’ (his father’s property) and till then he should rather serve him than ‘wasting’ days in school.

Lost in dreams, Ghoton misses his parents and loves to paint in their memory. He runs to the terrace whenever a plane flies over the sky. He endures all the tortures inflicted upon him by his uncle, hoping for turning to 18 — when he would become a prince. However, Gondaria has secret motives and he misses no opportunity to beat up the boy.

On one such sad day, the brooding Ghoton suddenly has Pori Pishi (Fairy Aunty) breaking into his house. Pori Pishi promises him to help him find Jakher Dhan within seven days with a magic mantra.

Rainbow Jelly will be screened at the Bay Area South Asian Film Festival 2018 on 21 September at 10pm at the Schultz Cultural Hall in Palo Alto, California.

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