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Namaste England 'Bhare Bhaare' song: Lacks Rishi Rich's midas touch

While the music of the remake is peppy, it lacks the vibe and the energy of the original, sung by Rishi Rich.

Mayur Lookhar

Punjabi music's popularity stretches beyond the region. It is particularly popular among fans of Hindi film music. Therefore, it is no surprise that composers recreate popular Punjabi pop songs for Hindi films. The makers of Namaste England have recreated Rishi Rich’s 'Bhare Bazaar' track from his album, titled The Project (2006). 

'Bhare Bazaar' was a collaborative effort between Master Rakesh and Rishi Rich. Rakesh is credited with the lyrics, while the song is sung by Rishi Rich. Now the famed singer has joined hands with rapper-composer Badshah for the new version, also called 'Bhare Bazaar'.  

Badshah has penned the rap portion and brings in a totally fresh element to the remake. The punch line Bhare Bazaar Mein beats throughout the song.  A few words have been tweaked and Badshah has roped in Payel Dev to sing the antara. The original song had just one voice, while the remake is sung by Vishal Dadlani, Payal Dev, Badshah and B Praak. 

Praak has only a few lines in the beginning and in the middle. Dadlani's voice pales in comparison to Rish. It is Badshah and Payal Dev who seem apt choices for this track and they don’t disappoint. They voices have the requisite Punjabi tadka that is so vital for such a track. 

While the music of the remake is peppy, it lacks the vibe and the energy of the original. Without the voice of Rishi Rich, the remake simply lacks soul. 

However, this flaw could have been forgiven if it was not accompanied by Arjun Kapoor's dance. Now, one is not sure if his role in the film required him to look a little heavy, but the actor is clearly struggling with his moves. 

Actress Parineeti Chopra, too, does not impress. Perhaps, she was hampered by Kapoor’s stiffness. There are moments in the song where the backgound dancers don't look in sync with Chopra. One cannot  really blame the artistes or the dancers for the fault purely lies on the shoulders of the choreographer, Ganesh Acharya. 

While the remake does have it’s appeal, nothing beats Rishi Rich’s original that is not only rich in music, but also rich in singing. 

Namaste England is set to be released on 19 October. 

Watch the remake and listen to the original below:


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