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Manmarziyaan song 'Grey Walaa Shade': Taapsee's Rumi shows her grey side in this eye-popping number

Lyricist Shellee comes up with ideal lyrics to give a sneak-peek into the enigmatic character of Rumi.

Mayur Lookhar

Manmarziyaan hits the screens on 14 September. The makers had first launched the audio tracks and then followed it up by releasing the videos. Eros International has now released the video of the 'Grey Walaa Shade' song. 

Here is a track that defines the character of Rumi. She is an enigma. Director Anurag Kashyap needed to bring out this nature and lyricist Shellee doesn’t disappoint his director. Here’s a character that was almost unabashedly in love with Vicky (Vicky Kaushal).

She hails from a traditional Sikh family but is the odd one out. Her family doesn't approve of her relationship with the funky Vicky, but then you see the couple not afraid to share intimate moments in front of the her parents. It appears as though Rumi’s parents have given up on her. She is the antithesis of what is expected from a traditional Sikh girl. But as Shellee says in his song, “Zamana hai badla, mohabbat bhi badli (The world has changed and so has love)'. Let’s just say that the Rumi-Vicky crazy affair reflects this change.

On the other hand is Rumi with Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan). It’s difficult to say that she has matured, but Rumi does appear to have mellowed down a bit when in the presence of Robbie. Rumi shows her grey shades through the two relationships. One is really keen to know this character more. The 'Grey Walaa Shade' song provides a nice sneak-peek into Pannu’s character.

Shellee’s befitting lyrics is matched by an entertaining contemporary score by Amit Trivedi. The different shades to Rumi's character is emoted through the voice of Harshdeep Kaur and Jazim Sharma. Sharma is easy going and has a firm grip on his notes in the mukhda. He infuses more energy into the antara and maintains the right balance in his rendition.

Kaur, who early in her career was known as a Sufi singer, has come long way. This song requires Sharma and Kaur to sing in a certain style and Kaur has a slight edge over Sharma in voice quality. Like the Vicky-Rumi pair, Sharma and Kaur compliment each other perfectly in this enjoyable number.

All in all, this is a fun number that cannot be enjoyed without the visuals. 

Watch the 'Grey Walaa Shade' song below:

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