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Pariyerum Perumal song 'Karuppi...': Heartrending number mourns a murdered pet

The track from director Mari Selvaraj's debut film has visuals that stun the audience into silence for the brutal manner in which a hunting dog is killed.


A screen grab from the song video on YouTube

Manigandan KR

Pariyerum Perumal, produced by director Pa Ranjith and directed by first-time director Mari Selvaraj, has become the first Tamil film to include a song mourning the loss of a pet.

The track, 'Karuppi...', has visuals that stun the audience into silence, for they show the brutal manner in which a hunting dog indigenous to the region is killed mercilessly by being tied to a railway track where it is run over by a train.

The manner in which the animal's owners, from the lower classes of society, mourn its death is what constitutes the song, which has been composed and sung in a heartrending manner by Santhosh Narayanan.

The lyrics, by Vivek and Mari Selvaraj, are full of rage and the track is dedicated to all little, innocent creatures that have been killed for transgressions that they are not even aware of.

The film, which stars Kathir and actress Anandhi of Kayal (2014) fame and is scheduled for release on 28 September, has already generated quite a bit of interest.

The trailer, which was also screened after the song for the media, drops enough hints that the film would be about the deep-rooted caste system in the Tirunelveli belt in Tamil Nadu.

The event for the film's audio launch was remarkably different as the crew did not invite any of the celebrity guests onto the stage. Instead, only the film's techinicians and the star cast were invited to speak.

The story is set in Tirunelveli Law College, where Pariyerum Perumal is a student. Pariyerum means mounted on a horse and Perumal is one of the names of the god Vishnu. So, Pariyerum Perumal means 'Vishnu mounting a horse', the hero is seen explaining in the trailer.

Speaking about the film, director Mari Selvaraj said Pariyerum Perumal was not his first script. "I wrote a script called Pandiya Rajakkal," the director said. "But after my director [Ram Subramaniam, whom Selvaraj assisted for 12 years] read it and realized how deep the story was, he suggested I make a light and funny subject my first film."

Ram suggested that Selvaraj write about his college life which he had often described as fun. "But as I began to write about myself and all those who were with me at that point and the manner in which they were treated, I began to realize it wasn't fun but something deeply disturbing," he said.

"I studied in the Tirunelveli Law College and the experiences I had and those around me had greatly influenced the sequences in this film," he said.

After writing the script, Selvaraj took it once again to Ram who said he would need great courage to make a story such as this into a film. "But he also told me this would work big time," Selvaraj said. "After that, both my director and I began looking for producers for my first film. We didn't have much luck.

"It was at this time that I went to meet director Ranjith to invite him for my wedding. He asked what I was doing. I gave him a one-liner of my story and said I was looking for a producer.

"He told me to get married first and then return and that we would talk. After my wedding, I called him one day and he said he himself would produce the film. That was how Pareyerum Perumal happened."

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