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Actress Flora Saini accuses producer Gaurang Doshi of physical abuse

The Stree (2018) actress accused Doshi of being physically abusive and causing a fractured jaw back in 2007.

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Stree (2018) actress Flora Saini has accused filmmaker Gaurang Doshi of being physically abusive and manipulative while the two were in a relationship back in 2007. The actress put up a long post on her Facebook account, with gruesome pictures of the result of Doshi's alleged beatings. 

"That's me.. Valentine's day 2007 beaten up by a known producer Gaurang Doshi who I loved n was dating then .. this was the last of the one year abuse I took..came out with a fractured jaw n a scarred soul for life...," wrote Saini. 

The actress revealed that she was in a relationship with Doshi till 2007, and the physical abuse finally made her break up with him. However, Saini added that few took note of her complaints back in the time. "It was his word against mine ,and of course, his word mattered. He threatened me that he will make sure I never work in the industry again n much more.. n he did his best to make me believe it too.. I was replaced in films, people didn't quiet wanna even meet me or let me audition [sic]," she added. 

The actress was recently seen in two movies, blockbuster Stree and Begum Jaan (2017). Praising the courage of women who have started speaking out, Saini said, "This note is for all the people who have chosen to speak who are standing up against anybody who has done them wrong, no matter how powerful or renowned ..it's takes guts.. a lot of guts.. the abuser forgets, but the abused carries the baggage forever.." 

Praising the recent movement to name and shame alleged abusers online, Saini wrote, "To all the people who are standing up to talk n all those who standing up to support.. I bow to you.. ur my SUPERHERO's & Trust me ..THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF U [sic]." 

Doshi is the producer of films like Deewaar: Let's Bring Our Heroes Home (2004) and Aankhen 2. The latter has been embroiled in a litigation after Doshi was slapped with a contempt notice in August 2016 by Rajtaru Studios Ltd. which owns the rights to the original film. 

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