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Sexual harassment: Rajat Kapoor joins the list of apologists in #MeToo campaign

The director of Ankhon Dekhi (2014) was accused of sending improper texts to journalists, and apologised for the same on Twitter. 

Shriram Iyengar

After Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, and Chetan Bhagat, Rajat Kapoor seems to be the latest in the film industry accused of sexual misconduct. The actor-director had to tender an apology after a couple of journalists accused him of sending unsolicited texts on WhatsApp. The director put up an apology on his Twitter handle saying, "I am sorry from the bottom of my heart- and sad that I was the cause of this hurt to another human being."

Kapoor is the latest among a slew of members from the Indian film industry was forced to submit an apology after being pointed out for bad behaviour, tantamount to harassment of women. Tanushree Dutta's accusations of Nana Patekar has started off a viral of revelations with several men and women in the media industry coming out with their own experiences of sexual harassment and misbehaviour. 

From Vikas Bahl, authors Chetan Bhagat and Kiran Nagarkar to comedian Utsav Chakraborty and several journalists. The director of Ankhon Dekhi (2014) was named as another offender by a journalist. She shared texts received from the victim, who did not wish to be named.

In the conversation, the victim maintains that Kapoor continued calling her repeatedly while she was trying to find a role for herself in the film industry. The victim also stated that Kapoor would allegedly call 'from his friend Saurabh Shukla's phone', and that Shukla was aware of these antics. The last blow, according to the text, was when Kapoor asked the victim for information about any empty houses for a shoot, and even asked her to join him alone on the shoot. 

Post the backlash on social media, Kapoor put out a message on his Twitter page saying, "All my life I have tried to be a decent man, to do the right thing. If, however, I have slipped and through my actions or words caused pain or hurt or trauma to absolutely anybody, please accept my apology."

The apology from Rajat Kapoor is the latest in the long line of apologies from Anurag Kashyap, Chetan Bhagat, and Utsav Chakraborty that were posted on social media after the revelations against Vikas Bahl and the rest of the accused. 

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