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FryDay song 'Kauva': Welcome to Govinda’s mad house jungle

Just like its title, the song has bizarre lyrics. While the title refers to the crow, a cuckoo, cat, lion, horse, monkey, crab and tortoise also find mention in the song.

Mayur Lookhar

After the disaster called Aagaya Hero (2017), Govinda is back with FryDay. The makers had earlier released the foot-tapping number 'Jimmy Choo' from the film. Now they have come up with the 'Kauva' track.

Just as the title suggests, the lyrics of the song are bizarre in every sense. While the title means 'crow', a cuckoo, cat, lion, horse, monkey, crab and tortoise also find mention in the song. Surprisingly, the events in the song take place in the house of Gagan Kapoor (Govinda).

It is not often that we find a producer also writing songs for his film. The 'Kauva' track has been written by Sajid Qureshi. The man had earlier co-written the 'Bhoot Aaya' song for his film Nanu Ki Jaanu (2018) which was a fine, entertaining number.

With the 'Kauva' track, you really have to scratch your head wondering what Qureshi is trying to say. The lyrics are anything but poetic. If you just want to listen to the track, you will be put off by it in a jiffy. However, these bizarre lyrics are relevant in the context of FryDay.

Gagan comes across as a philanderer, and Qureshi is calling him the thirsty crow. No connection with the childhood fable though. Gagan is about to enjoy a cozy moment with his muse before ‘failed salesman’ Rajiv (Varun Sharma) knocks on his door.

There are more characters who are seen coming to Gagan's house. Qureshi is relating these characters to a crow, cuckoo, crab (Rajiv), dog, cat, lion, parrot, mouse, monkey, etc. The lyrics have a thematic tone to them. Qureshi has called this one a mad house, and 'Kauva' is a mad song too.

Once the animal dictionary is over, we have to witness a poor Mughal-e-Azam. 'Kauva' is a track that can only make sense if you see the visuals.

The singing, by Navraj Hans, and Gunwant Sen’s music are just immaterial. The two men have simply followed director Abhishek Dogra’s brief.

Though it looks silly, Govinda pulls off some frenetic dance moves, especially the flapping. The innocent child-like look that Varun Sharma has on his face when he enters Gagan’s house makes for a great visual. The absurd nature of this track could perhaps appeal to children.

FryDay will be released on 12 October. Watch the 'Kauva' song below.

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