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If you think gratitude exists in Bollywood, you are wrong: Pooja Bhatt offers her support to Tanushree Dutta

The actress-turned-director revealed her own struggles with an abusive relationship, and commended Dutta for coming out with her experience. 

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As the fire of #MeToo rages on social media, Pooja Bhatt spoke of the divisive nature of the film industry at the recent India Today Conclave.

Speaking of the reactions when she came out with the truth of her own abusive relationship with an alcoholic, Bhatt said, "If you think gratitude exists in Bollywood, you are wrong. Bollywood shows allegiance at weddings and funerals, but not when you are going through fire. You are setting yourself for devastation if you are looking for support."

The actress-turned-director revealed that when she complained about being assaulted while she was in a relationship with an alcoholic, several insiders suggested that she not 'wash dirty linen in public'. Bhatt said, "I found myself in a relationship with an alcoholic, who hit me. And I did speak up. But the industry people told me why are you washing your dirty linen in public. Because I am as vulnerable as anyone." 

Commenting on the reactions to Tanushree Dutta's revelations on Nana Patekar, Bhatt said that she is 'appalled' that people are questioning Dutta's intention for coming out 10 years after the incident. "I've heard people call Nana a gentleman, and I know there are those who call him a bully. The point is, Tanushree should not be silent and this matter must be investigated." 

At another point during the conclave, she said, "When you speak uncomfortable truths in a world of lies, people tend to turn a deaf ear. I believe that truth does not require PR. Expecting people to take your hand when you are engulfed in your rage is naive, because no one will fight your battle for you. The change is that we talk about it more. but the life we preach and the life we live are different realities." 

However, the director maintained that Dutta's complaints should be investigated, and that she should stand up to her claims in court. 

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