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Sarkar controversy: AR Murugadoss takes credit for story, acknowledges Varun Rajendran's script idea

Assistant director Varun Rajendran said that his only expectation was that he be credited for the story and that the Sarkar team had agreed to meet it.

Manigandan KR

Director AR Murugadoss has issued a statement through a video clip, claiming that the credit for story, screenplay, dialogues and direction of Sarkar (2018) is his.

The director's clarification comes in the wake of news reports doing the rounds that the team of Sarkar had arrived at an out-of-court settlement with assistant director Varun Rajendran who had filed a plea in the Madras high court, alleging that the story of Sarkar had been copied from his story Sengol.

When the case came up for hearing on Tuesday morning, the Sarkar team told the court that they had resolved the issue amicably between themselves. The case was dismissed based on this submission. Sources said that the Sarkar team had agreed to list Varun's name too in the credits of Sarkar.

AR Murugadoss

Talking to reporters soon after the hearing, South Indian Film Writers Association president Baghyaraj said that he was happy that the issue had been amicably settled. He pointed out that although his son Shanthanoo Baghyaraj was a big fan of Vijay, he was in a position where he had to do what he thought was right. He also complemented actor Vijay, who, he said had told him to act according to his conscience and do what was right.

Assistant director Varun Rajendran said that his only expectation was that he be credited for the story and that the Sarkar team had agreed to meet it.

Under these circumstances, Murugadoss has issued a clarification. In a video clip, Murugadoss says, "As always there are a lot of rumours doing the rounds and therefore, I intend to issue a clarification to sort them out. Respected Baghyaraj sir called me and told me that there was this problem (Varun's complaint) that was going on. 'A person's vote has been stolen and cast by another person, this knot as a story was registered by him (Varun) 10 years ago. Otherwise, there is no connection whatsoever between the story of Sarkar and the story of Sengol. However, as an assistant director has done this 10 years ago, please put a card in the titles congratulating him so as to encourage him.' This was what Baghyaraj sir asked of me and I agreed. I will release the letter to you shortly congratulating him. Otherwise, the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction of this film have all been done by AR Murugadoss."

Shortly, Murugadoss also issued a copy of the letter commending Varun.

The letter, issued by Murugadoss, reads, "Denying the fundamental right of voters by bogus voting is a dangerous crime affecting the welfare of our country.

"I imagined that a movie could be made with the theme that a hero whose votes is bogusly cast fights against the injustice established the truth and thereby creates awareness among the masses. After discussing months, I wrote the script for 'SARKAR' and directed the movie.

"I came to know that one co-director Mr KV Rajendran BSc D F Tech @Varun had also imagined the same theme and had registered his script with our South Indian Film Writers Association.

"I am recording this to praise upcoming Co-director Mr K V Rajendran BSc D F Tech @Varun for having imagined and having registering his script before me.

"I hereby convey my heartfelt thanks to our South Indian Film Writers' Association for identifying a talented colleague to the cinema world [sic]."