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Me Shivaji Park trailer: Mahesh Manjrekar film with stellar cast promises to be a sensible thriller

The film has an ensemble cast of Ashok Saraf, Vikram Gokhale, Satish Alekar, Dilip Prabhavalkar and Shivaji Satam. 

Keyur Seta

After the intriguing poster and motion poster, the trailer of Mahesh Vaman Manjrekar’s Me Shivaji Park, which reveals the subject and the plot, has been released.

The film revolves around five friends — Satish Joshi (Satish Alekar), Digambar Sawant (Ashok Saraf), Vikram Rajadhyaksh (Vikram Gokhale), Rustom Mistry (Shivaji Satam) and Dilip Pradhan (Dilip Prabhavalkar), who live near Shivaji Park in Mumbai. Like many other senior citizens, they meet over morning walks at the park and chat about their lives and current affairs.

The story takes a nasty turn when Joshi’s granddaughter is mysteriously killed after she falls from their balcony. After being put in a helpless situation, Joshi, Sawant, Rajadhyaksh and Mistry decide to bring her justice by taking law in their hands. Pradhan doesn’t stand with them.

The trailer starts off on a thrilling note and goes into flashback. The idea and the flow works well. This is enough to get you interested in watching the film. The incident of a tiger killing is not explained, which seems intentional.

Senior citizens discussing the current state of the nation appears straight out of reality, at least in the trailer. The performance of each of the five actors looks impressive. The stellar cast of senior actors is enough reason to draw one to the film.

Me Shivaji Park will be released on 18 October.

Watch the trailer below: