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Jasleen Matharu refuses to sacrifice her hair, Anup Jalota breaks up with her on television

A teary Matharu walked away from the scene, choosing to talk in private. The duo later had a private discussion where Jalota didn’t budge.

Mayur Lookhar

The so-called most vichitra [unusual] jodi of television reality show Bigg Boss 12 is heading for a split. Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota (65) and Jasleen Matharu (28) had claimed to have been in a relationship for the last three-and-a-half years. It has taken the relationship less than three weeks in the Bigg Boss house to be strained. So, what went wrong?

Apparently, as part of a task, Matharu was required to cut her hair, give up her clothes and make-up kit in order to save Jalota from being nominated for eviction. The singer threw a surprise when she chose to save her hair, and not her boyfriend.

What stunned fellow contestants and viewers was that Jalota announced their break-up in front of all the members of the house.

“I want to tell you that I am very hurt that Jasleen refused to give her clothes. She loves her clothes, make-up, hair more. That is why I am no longer with her,” declared Jalota.

Matharu thought that the singer was angry with her, but she was left in tears after Jalota categorically stated that their relationship was over.

“From here on, I’m no longer with her. I’m alone. I’m breaking this relationship. If Bigg Boss wants, I will stay as a single contestant. I have been very hurt with this task [Jasleen choosing her hair, make-up, clothes over him]. This little task shows the depth of one person. She was asked to give up her clothes, not her life,” Jalota chided.

A teary Matharu walked away from the scene, choosing to talk in private. The duo later had a private discussion where Jalota didn’t budge.

“These little things help [you] gauge a person. I wish you all the best. You are a talented singer, dancer. You will do well in life. But I’m separating from you,” said Jalota as he walked away from the scene.

The manner in which this break-up has happened naturally creates doubts over the authenticity of this relationship. Earlier, a friend of Matharu had told a source this was a fake relationship from the beginning, only cooked up to boost the reality show’s prospects.

Matharu’s family had already disapproved of this relationship. If Jalota gets evicted this week, then the show is bound to lose a member who has helped the show generate great hype.

Jalota was supposed to perform in the USA in the month of October.  After he got into Bigg Boss, he postponed those shows.

Speaking to Cinestaan.com, his secretary Bharat Oza said, "Anup ji had pushed his shows to January. Even if he were to get evicted this week, I don't think there'll be enough time to have the show as per the initial schedule. There's simply not enough time for publicity."