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I have seen him behave lecherously when drunk: Soni Razdan on Alok Nath 

In an interview on Wednesday, the actress also spoke about her own close brush with sexual harassment.

Shriram Iyengar

Actor Soni Razdan has now joined the long list of women who have come out to speak about actor Alok Nath's misbehaviour. In a recent interview, Razdan revealed that she had witnessed Nath misbehaving after becoming 'drunk', and even spotted him eyeing her 'lecherously'.

The actress, a close friend of writer Vinta Nanda who had accused Nath of rape, told The Quint, "I have seen him behave very very, I would say, lecherously when drunk. Even at one time, I wouldn’t say he made a pass at me but I didn’t like the way he was looking at me."

The actress also suggested that writer Nanda 'at least deserves an apology' from Nath for his behaviour.

Adding that she herself had almost faced harassment, she said, "I have seen Alok Nath behave badly when he is drunk. He was a very different person when he was not drunk. And that's the Alok I would personally like to remember. Vinta Nanda's account was completely horrifying. I felt very bad because it's a known fact that Alok, very sadly, had a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Somewhere down the line, with alcohol and his chemistry, things go wrong.”

Revealing her own close brush with sexual harassment, she stated that her decision to stay quiet was to protect the family of the harasser. She said, "The only reason I didn’t say at that time, and it may sound odd, but I realised if I did open my mouth then, that person would have gone through a lot of problems. He had a family and small children. At that time, I thought nothing really happened and I managed to control it."

Razdan was last seen in Raazi (2018), alongside her daughter, Alia Bhatt.

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