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Aamir Khan returns to Mogul after director Subhash Kapoor's exit

The actor is set to return as producer of the Bhusan Kumar-led film, and rumours suggest he might even play the lead role in the film. 

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Actor-producer Aamir Khan is reportedly back in the production seat for T-Series biopic on Gulshan Kumar, Mogul. The actor had backed out of the project citing the sexual harassment charges against director Subhash Kapoor. Kapoor has since been dropped from the project. 

Mumbai Mirror, a tabloid, quoted a source as saying, "The script is close to Aamir and he wants to make the film. Bhushan and he have had a number of meetings since and decided to collaborate on Mogul again." The report added that the production house is on the hunt for 'another director'. 

On 10 October, Aamir Khan had announced his decision to back out after actress Geetika Tyagi brought up her case of harassment against Kapoor. Without casting aspersions on Kapoor, Khan wrote "Upon inquiry, we found that the particular case is subjudice and the legal process is in motion. We are not an investigative agency nor are we in any position to pass judgment on anyone — so, without casting aspersions on anyone involved in this case, and without coming to any conclusions about these specific allegations, we have decided to step away from this film." 

The report has stated that the actor will not only be on the production part of the film, but might also take on the lead role of Gulshan Kumar himself. 

Earlier, Akshay Kumar was set to play the lead role, but walked out of the project in the planning stage. 

Kapoor has stated that he will answer the allegations in court

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