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Lara Dutta rejected an offer from Mukesh Chhabra's company, reveals husband Mahesh Bhupathi 

The former tennis champion revealed that his wife and actress had refused to work 'specifically' with Mukesh Chhabra's company following the allegations of sexual harassment against Chhabra. 

Shriram Iyengar

Former tennis champion Mahesh Bhupathi has revealed that his wife, and actress Lara Dutta, decided to refuse an offer from an international digital platform since it came through Mukesh Chhabra's company. Chhabra has been accused of sexual harassment by two anonymous women, and is currently under inquiry by an Internal Complaints Comittee at Fox Star Studios. 

Writing on his Twitter post, Bhupathi said that Lara Dutta-Bhupathi had received an offer from a 'leading international digital platform through Mukesh Chhabra's company.' After discussing with Mahesh, the actress chose to reject the offer. 

"Later, Lara got in touch with the digital platform and told them she wouldn't accept work through this company specifically." 

However, the former two-time French Open doubles winner stated that the film industry needs to take a more active role in the movement. 

"While these #MeToo revelations are upsetting my wife even more since she has seen a lot of this at close quarters and some of her friends are involved on both ends, the fact remains that the cream of the industry has refused to support the movement.", wrote Mahesh. 

The tennis star even admitted that while he had engaged socially and professionally with several of the names accused — Sajid Khan, Suhel Seth, Chetan Bhagat, Vikas Bahl and Anirban Blah — "that ends today on all accounts," he wrote. 

Mahesh went on to add that people with social media influence need to 'alienate these serial predators' and state the law as 'guilty unless proven innocent'.

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