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AMMA accepts Dileep's resignation after pressure on Mohanlal

At a press conference on Friday, actor Mohanlal confirmed that he had personally asked Dileep for his resignation. 

Shriram Iyengar

Association of Malayalam Movie Actors (AMMA) president, actor Mohanlal confirmed that the actors' body had accepted the resignation of actor-producer Dileep. Dileep is one of eight people accused of conspiring, kidnapping and assaulting a Malayalam actress in 2017. The actor is currently out on bail after having spent 85 days in custody. 

The decision by the AMMA comes after their recent skirmishes with the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). At a recent press conference by the WCC members, actress-director Revathy accused the association of using ' laws when they find it useful for their requirements and when it comes to our needs, they cling to by-laws.' 

AMMA treasurer, actor Jagdish launched a counter attack on the WCC saying, "AMMA has not come to any conclusion if Dileep is innocent or guilty. The decision of the general body which was against the executive committee decision to oust Dileep was based on the legal opinion that AMMA got. So it's not right to attack Mohanlal alone."

Actor Mohanlal, in his press conference, admitted that the pressure had worked on his decision. The Indian Express quoted the actor saying, "Many media houses, not in Malayalam, but in English, Tamil etc made me the face of this. It hurt me." 

The two associations have been at loggerheads over the revoked membership of Dileep since his arrest in relation with the case. The AMMA had initially expelled Dileep from the association, before offering to reinstate his membership when Mohanlal became president.

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