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#MeToo survivor thanks Yash Raj Films for unbiased inquiry and swift action against Ashish Patil

Yash Raj Films' vice-president for brand partnership and talent management, Ashish Patil, was asked to step down from his position in the production house earlier today.

Suparna Thombare

On 10 October, a former model and aspiring actress had shared her account of harassment by Yash Raj Films' vice-president for brand partnership and talent management, Ashish Patil in 2016. The production house had sent him on administrative leave and quickly conducted an inquiry into the matter once the survivor got into touch with the company. YRF then issued an official statement announcing the termination of Patil's contract with the firm.

The survivor is happy that Yash Raj Films set a good example for the industry to follow by taking swift action against the perpetrator after conducting a fair inquiry. 

Speaking to, the survivor said, "I am deeply grateful to Yash Raj Films and all the members of the ICC committee for being so supportive and for conducting an unbiased inquiry in a fair manner. This has restored not just my faith in goodness and justice, but also of so many other working women out there who have been fighting their battles on their own with grace and dignity."

The survivor urged people to take the #MeToo stories seriously even if the women decide to protect their privacy and share their stories anonymously. 

"I am not saying that all the incidents and complaints are genuine but it's high time we at least listen to women without preconceived notions and judgements even if it's an anonymous complaint. Everyone has a right to privacy... But it does not take away their right to call out their offender," she said. 

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