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Revolutions can be messy but can’t be perceived as unjust: Varun Grover 

In an open letter, the Sacred Games (2018) writer detailed the evidence in his support, while adding that he 'refutes' the allegations made against him. 

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In a detailed essay defending himself, writer-lyricist Varun Grover has stated that the allegations against him have not turned him agaisnt the #MeToo movement. 

"Revolutions are beautiful. They are cathartic, powerful, necessary, and like #metoo — inevitable. And revolutions, inevitably, have some collateral damage too," wrote Grover in the essay.


While he refuted the allegations of molestation made anonymously against him, Grover wrote, "As stated in my initial statement, I will be readily available to face any independent inquiry to present the facts and help bring the truth out. Until that happens, I can only present some new findings from my side that refute the allegations made." 

Grover was accused of misbehaviour and molestation by an anonymous woman on Twitter, but he has categorically denied them. The writer later put out a detailed list of evidence in support of his claim. 

According to the letter, the writer has reached out to his female batchmates to try and investigate if anyone had any complaints against him. "These confirmations can be verified by an independent enquiry," Grover added. 

Despite the fact that the complaint has now put Grover at risk of being dropped from the next season of the big Netflix project, Sacred Games, the writer maintains that 'anonymity' of the complainant is necessary. 

"No account should be stopped from being published because of its anonymity — but once fact-based counter-claims are made by the accused, the movement as a collective can perhaps make space for the intent to verify them," he wrote. 

Closing his argument, Grover wrote, "Am I angry? Yes. Is my mental health in shambles? Yes. Do I occasionally feel like a victim of an agenda? Yes. And would I still say, 'Believe All Women?' Yes. But please bring in the checks to differentiate it from “Believe All Screenshots”.

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