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Chinmayi Sripaada calls out singer Karthik for sexual harassment

Sripaada took to Twitter to support a woman who shared her harrowing experience with Karthik and called him a 'disgusting sicko'.

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Singer Chinmayi Sripaada, who, on Twitter, shared the messages of two women accusing seven-time National Award winning lyricist Vairamuthu of sexual harassment before herself levelling allegations against him, today called out singer Karthik.

Sripaada spoke in support of a woman who shared her harrowing experience with Karthik and called him a 'disgusting sicko'.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, had sent a message to journalist Sandhya Menon. "Hi Sandhya, I want to talk about singer Karthik (of Girlfriend fame), I wish to remain anonymous," her message began.

"A few years ago, we were at a public event and he kept talking about my body, he wanted to touch me, feel me and said he masturbated thinking of me. He made me extremely uncomfortable and I felt disgusted. Everytime, I have met him I cringed to be near him. I have heard singers complain about him. He's a very popular and influential singer in the industry, I want to remain anonymous. This man is a disgusting sicko who tries to exploit female singers on tours," the woman, also a singer, wrote.

Sripaada posted a tweet in support of the woman: "The #MeToo campaign is truy an ugly truth vent and I would be doing grave injustice in not calling out singer Karthik. What I actually mean is 'We' as I personally know of several others so this is #UsToo. He has always misused his popularity and sickeningly pursued multiple women (even same day!). This is not restricted to the singer fraternity alone. He does it 'as a matter of fact' and has no regret in doing so. Sexting, dirty pictures, videos, groping... what not. I have experienced this myself. Just cos [because] he is popular he had veiled it well thus far. Anonymity actually is no big deal in this case as there are so many girls who would gladly say 'Me too'."

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