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Imran Khan says actresses had spoken to him of Vikas Bahl’s indecent conduct

The Delhi Belly (2011) actor was stunned that despite the sexual harassment allegation against him, Bahl went on to direct a film.

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Actor Imran Khan, who is stepping into direction with the short film Mission Mars, has hit out at industry colleague Vikas Bahl who is in the eye of a storm with accusations of molestation and worse.

Actor-producer Aamir Khan’s nephew said he was not surprised by the sexual harassment allegations that the Phantom Films co-founder is facing. Bahl is one of several high-profile film personalities to have been called out in the #MeToo movement.

Speaking to The Indian Express newspaper, Khan said, “There are a lot of things that have happened in front of me and bothered me for years. Even after being aware of so many things, I could not say it out because I felt no one will support me on it.”

The Delhi Belly (2011) actor revealed that he had heard some horror stories from some actresses. “Everyone is talking about Vikas Bahl," he said. "I have heard his stories from three actresses. Ranging from inappropriate touching to straight up saying that if you were cast in the film, what will I get in return?

"Again, I am telling you what I know directly through the actresses or from the industry. The story of this girl [in Vikas Bahl's case] came somewhere a year ago, if I am not wrong. Everyone in the film industry knew.”

The news of Bahl allegedly molesting a female official from Phantom Films first emerged in 2017 and Khan was surprised that despite the allegation against him, Bahl went on to make a film — Super 30 (2019) — with Hrithik Roshan.

“I was at a social gathering 5-6 months ago, with a lot of people, and the conversation veered to the MeToo movement in Hollywood," he recalled. "At one point, I said what about 'Bollywood'? The Vikas Bahl matter was brushed under the carpet a few weeks after the news appeared. I saw him smiling, posing for pictures with every celebrity in the industry. At that point, he started making a film with Hrithik. I was like how is it in Hollywood a culprit is shunned but here he was making a proper film!”

Phantom Films was dissolved last week, following which both Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane hit out against Bahl.