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Sona Mohapatra calls Kailash Kher 'serial predator', accuses Anu Malik of harassment

Mohapatra's accusations come days after a journalist accused Kher of behaving inappropriately with her. 

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Shriram Iyengar

Singer Sona Mohapatra has accused Kailash Kher of sexually assaulting her, and has also named composer Anu Malik as a harasser.

Describing her experience with Kher in a tweet, Mohapatra wrote, 'I met Kailash for coffee in Prithvi Café to discuss a forthcoming concert where both our bands were playing & after the usual, a hand on my thigh with lines likes, your so beautiful, feel so good that a ‘musician got you’ [Ram Sampath] not an actor. I left not soon after [sic].'

She added that Kher continued to persist with her during a musical tour to Dhaka.

Mohapatra's revelation arrive days after a journalist from Muscat sent an anonymous complaint to journalist Sandhya Menon about Kher's misbehaviour. This was followed by another Twitter thread by photo-journlaist Natasha Hemrajani online. 

While Kher has apologised to the first mention, he has not provided any apology or response to the latter two accusations. Mohapatra clarified that she was neither 'shedding tears nor scared' of Kher, but was simply corroborating the statements of the other two women.

In addition, the singer also called out composer Anu Malik as a harasser without mentioning any particular event.


To all the young girls & women who are coming out with their experiences with this creep, journalists, ‘fans’ & even kids from college, know that you are not alone. This guy, #KailashKher is a serial predator & has been for years as are many others like Anu Malik in the industry. I cannot be tweeting about everyone cus I work 18 hour work days & have a life to live & breathe in. Also I cannot comment on many others basis heresay. That would be unfair. (Many journalists have been asking me for stories thinking that I’m most likely to ‘spill the beans’. I’m not) It is important that we stick to facts & our personal experiences to make this a serious & credible movement to help clean a system & lopsided power structure. It is just a start but an important one. #TimesUp #India #Change

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However, in a statement to DNA, a daily, Malik denied having ever met Mohapatra. She lashed out against the comment saying, 'Really Anuji? Never met me? Called me at strange hours?" 

This is the latest slew of allegations that have arisen against members of the film industry since Tanushree Dutta's accusations against Nana Patekar sparked a #MeToo movement in India. 

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