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Cellular Operators Association of India wants CBFC certification of 2.0 revoked

The body has sent a written complaint to the I&B ministry and CBFC stating the film has an 'anti-scientific attitude against mobile phones, towers and mobile services.'

Our Correspondent

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has filed a complaint with the information and broadcasting ministry and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) against Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar- starrer 2.0 for its “obscurantist and anti-scientific attitudes against mobile phones, towers and mobile services” and for allegedly being “defamatory” and against “public interest.” 

Directed by S Shankar, the film reportedly talks about how mobile phone radiations are harming the environment and the living beings in it. Going by the trailer of the film, Akshay’s character decides to avenge the harm caused to birds by forming a giant bird out of mobile phones. It is now the task of an upgraded Chitti to stop the giant bird. 

The complaint also said that the film shows “mobile phones and mobile towers as harmful to living creatures and the environment including birds and human beings on account of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions from them.” 

COAI has demanded the revocation of the film’s certification till the matter is addressed by the I&B Ministry and the CBFC. 

Rajan S Mathews, director general of COAI told Economic Times, a daily, “We do have a concern about the kind of impression the movie would have on the general public.”

The teaser of 2.0, that gave roughly an idea about the subject of the film, was released earlier on 12 September. The subject was clearly explained in the trailer that released on 3 November. It makes one wonder why COAI has taken so long to file its protest against the film, only a couple of days before it is due to be released on 29 November.