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Shooting with Koel Mallick has been a brilliant experience so far: Soukarya Ghosal 

Ghosal has begun shooting for his upcoming thriller Rawkto Roawhosyho with Mallick in the lead.

Roushni Sarkar

Soukarya Ghosal has begun shooting for his upcoming thriller Rawkto Roawhosyho, starring Koel Mallick in the lead. The director is immensely happy to work with one of most the popular actresses of this generation. Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Lily Chakraborty also play important characters in the film.

The film is being shot at various locations of Kolkata and Ghoshal plans to shoot till the second week of December.

“We have completed three days of shooting. This is the first time I am working with Koel. It has been such a wonderful journey so far to work with her. She is a big star yet extremely co-operative on the sets. She is investing a lot of hard work and has already got into the skin of the character,” said the director, who received widespread acclaim for his last film Rainbow Jelly (2018), in and outside the country.

“I never worked with a big star while working in my previous films. However, it has been a brilliant experience. I am quite pleased with the shooting,” said the overwhelmed director. He also stated that Mallick is quite soft-spoken and her efforts behind understanding the character have been commendable.

First look of Koel Mallick in Rawkto Roawhosyho

Ghosal said that he did not have many options, regarding the casting of the film, “Once you watch the film and understand the scope of the character, you will realise that Koel could be the only choice for the character she is playing. When I narrated the script to her, she was instantly interested and she asked when I was preparing to begin the shooting.”  Ghosal also stated that he loves shooting during this time of the year as he considers the natural light at this time to be perfect for shooting.

After Mallick came on board, Ghosal approached Nispal Singh, Mallick’s husband, to produce the film and hence, with the latter’s approval the pre-production of the film commenced.

Rawkto Rawhoshyo primarily revolves around the character of Mallick, who plays a strong headed radio jockey who believes in honesty and genuine emotions. She also feels that life always give chances to prove oneself. “Due to some incidents in her childhood, Mallick’s characters goes through certain emotional states until life gives her a chance to stand for herself. She continues to fight to stay true to her emotions and beliefs and in the process a mystery or a truth is eventually exposed,” elaborated the director, while speaking about the story of the thriller.

Mukherjee plays the cousin of the protagonist in the film. The director refused to discuss much about the supporting characters as that could expose a lot about the plot. He also said that his primary intention is to maintain a balance between the emotional and thriller aspects of the film. 

Ghosal is primarily focusing in making the film with an approach that leaves a lingering impact on the audience. “I worked as a producer for the first time with Rainbow Jelly and had a new experience altogether. However, Nispal Singh is quite experienced as a producer. I don’t want to comment much on the expectations from the film now. I just want to communicate the story of the film with enough sensitivity and detailing,” stated the director, who reportedly started writing the script of Rawkto Rawhoshyo , after the success of his last film.