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Shakeela biopic: Edgy, kaleidoscopic first look of Richa Chadha-starrer out

Directed by Indrajit Lankesh, the film will feature Pankaj Tripathi as well. 

Shriram Iyengar

 The first look of the Shakeela biopic, featuring Richa Chadha as the erstwhile adult movie star who turned into a superstar in Kerala captures the kaleidoscopic and colourful opening titles of 1980s films. The film, directed by Indrajit Lankesh, tells the story of Shakeela's rags to riches journey into one of the most popular actors in the south Indian film industry during the time.

The logo of the film comes with the tagline 'Not A Porn Star', which refers to the tag that was attached to the actress during her career. Steering away from the stereotypical image that Shakeela has in minds of people of being a soft porn actor, the film is expected to challenge audiences and is set to give them the indepth story of the woman behind the phenomenon.

Speaking about the film, director Indrajit Lankesh said, "I was unaware of Shakeela until I worked with her for a film in 2003 and instantly I was pulled to her story and wanted to make a film on her. We always see rags to riches stories but this is a rag to riches to rags story of a woman who has seen peaks of luxury and then lost it all and to see how and what happened is what really sparks great interest."

Alongwith Chadha, the film will also feature Pankaj Tripathi playing a south Indian actor who was a source of support and strength to Shakeela. In addition, the film will also see Shakeela making a cameo appearance in her own biopic.

Speaking about her role, Chadha said, "Richa added saying, “When I was offered this role I was very apprehensive but then I met Shakeela And I saw her gutsy attitude and it became easy. She had forgiven everyone who had done ill to her in her life and she has moved on and is in solace living a minimal life. Even today when she works, she commands great respect and that’s the story we wish to bring forth."

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