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Monkey Baat trailer: Meet this super-naughty kid running wild with vengeance

Vayu, a school kid, realises that the only way he can stay happy in society is by becoming the bad boy that others claim he is.

Keyur Seta

While the teaser of Viju Mane’s Monkey Baat focused on a kid playing naughty, and sometimes dangerous, pranks on those around him, the trailer provides the reason behind his unruly behaviour.

The film tells the story of Vayu (Vedant), a kid who is struggling to be part of the society. While other kids in school and neighbourhood bully and refuse to accept him in their groups, his school principle feels he is a nuisance and gives his mother (Bhargavi Chirmule) a earful about her son. Tired of the complaints pouring in from all sides, Vayu's father (Pushkar Shrotri) threatens to pack him off to the village if he does not mend his ways.

Angry and dejected, Vayu then decides to seek revenge from all those who have hurt him. Afterall, if he is being punished inspite of being innocent, why not be the culprit and then take the punishment?

This starts a series of crazy antics; from throwing a flower pot on a sleeping watchman, to pulling down a bully's pants. Vayu's means to get back to those who have hurt him, though sometimes funny, could be a traumatic experience for the victims and may even grieviously injure them.

The most interesting part is when he dresses up like a monkey and takes his tricks one notch higher. The trailer, however, does not explain why and how Vayu resorts to roam around in a monkey's garb.

Another mystery in the plot is the appearance of a stranger (singer-music composer Avadhoot Gupte) who resembles Lord Krishna. Perhaps, he is here to guide the misled child? Only time will tell.

Monkey Baat will be released on 18 May.

Watch the trailer:

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