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Farzand trailer: Chinmay Mandlekar leads as Shivaji in high-octane action Panhala fort drama

The film stars debutant Ankit Mohan in the role of Kondaji Farzand, who was Shivaji's trusted soldier. 

Keyur Seta

Farzand is based on the heroics of Kondaji Farzand, one of the bravest warriors in the army of Shivaji Maharaj. The teaser of the film, which was released in March, gave a slight glimpse of the character.

The trailer gives a much clearer picture of the central character, played by film debutant, Ankit Mohan. He is known for his work in Hindi television serials. He comes across as a good fit for the role.

Going by the trailer, the film appears like an interesting, fast-paced action drama surrounding an important incident in the history of Shivaji — recapture of the Panhala fort in 1673. In a siege that lasted for months, the fort went to Adil Shah in 1660. Shivaji could occupy it permanently only in 1673.

However, the strong dialogues, that aim to hit every proud Maratha nerve in the audience, sound forced and unnatural. The background music in the latter half of the trailer seems cliched. It is a sound we have heard many times in films with similar themes.

The film talks about Farzand’s valiant effort in recapturing the fort of Panhala through guerilla warfare with just 60 soldiers. The film will hope to educate the masses about an important chapter in history using dramatic fight sequences and music.

Directed by debutant Digpal Lanjekar, the film also stars Mrinal Kulkarni and Prasad Oak. It will be released on 1 June.

Watch the trailer below:

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