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Naseeruddin Shah's Hope Aur Hum will feature entire background score built on a guitar

Music director Rupert Fernandes has scored the entire background track using just the guitar. 

Shriram Iyengar

Hope Aur Hum, a small feel-good film about a quirky family going through its own troubles has already accomplished the first of bringing Sonali Kulkarni and Naseeruddin Shah together for the first time. Another first that the film is set to accomplish is becoming the first film to have its entire background score composed on a single instrument. Music director Rupert Fernandes has relied on the guitar as his sole key to compose the entire score for the film.

The film, which also stars Aamir Bashir and Naveen Kasturia, has a different theme for which director Sudip Bandyopadhyay envisioned something equally different. Music composer Fernandes said, "When I first saw the film, the one feeling that stayed with me was that it had a very personal touch. The story, the brilliant performances and direction, the cinematography, the editing, everything had a simple yet a very powerful message. And all of a sudden, I had this intuition of interpreting the music — the background score, as well as the songs, only through one single instrument — the guitar! As necessity is the mother of invention.”

The makers of the film have already released three tracks — Hope Aur Hum (title song), 'Acche Bacche', and the latest, 'Aye Zindagi' — all of which revolve around the rhythm of the acoustic guitar that plays in the background.

Fernandes added that the addition of singers like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Suraj and Bhoomi Trivedi added to the score. "Of course, when one challenges oneself in doing things a certain way, creativity takes over and brings forth a solution in any situation! Music is a very divine and powerful medium, and even a single instrument, played using the right choices of notes, can make you feel different emotions. Also, we were fortunate to have the awesomely talented singers - Sonu, Shaan, Suraj and Bhoomi, and it was an exciting challenge to blend-in this single instrument proposition, with their diverse singing styles!"

Hope Aur Hum will be released on 11 May.