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Priyanka Chopra comes clean on her 'behind the curtains' with Tom Hiddleston

The actress was joined by Avengers: Infinity War actor, Sebastian Stan, on Andy Cohen's talk show where she spoke on the rumours of her dating Stan's Averngers co-star.

Our Correspondent

It is not always that you get to share the stage with an Avenger, or at least the one killed by Thanos. Priyanka Chopra managed it on the After Show with host Andy Cohen, as she joined the Avengers: Infinity War actor Sebastian Stan. 

While most of the questions revolved around the plot twists in the recent blockbuster, one question touched upon Chopra and the rumours around her and Stan's co-star, Tom Hiddleston. 

The question began with a caller wanting to know Stan's reaction on Hiddleston dating pop-star, Taylor Swift. Stan answered by saying, "I was mainly worried about him", but before he could finish, host Andy Cohen threw a fast one by asking Chopra about her dalliance with the British actor during the Emmy Awards 2016.

Chopra was caught twirling as she walked on stage with Hiddleston to present an award. Stan jumped at the opportunity, baiting Chopra by saying, "Well, you spent a good ten minutes behind the curtain." 

Mockingly, Chopra reacted, "What! I just met him for 10 minutes. I literally met the man 15 minutes before." The Quantico actress answered, "He was helping me with the dress. We were figuring out a way to not trip on stage." 

Stan, though, continued with the banter saying, "You get away with a lot with an English accent." 

Chopra's appearance alongside Hiddleston had set the gossip mills alight in 2016, with several rumours emerging about the two dating eachother. However, nothing was confirmed by either artistes. It remains the only public appearance made by the two together. 

Since then, the actress has been busy with multiple projects, including the third season of her American television series, Quantico, which will premiere on 20 May. 

Chopra is also preparing to attend the wedding of close friend Meghan Markle, with Prince Harry. Asked about her special dress for the wedding. Chopra said, "I have no idea." However, she admitted that she has a vague clue about what it is going to look like. The actress even suggested that she has been mulling over her date to the wedding.

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