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Goli Soda 2 team to launch 'GST Buses' to help people and promote film

According to director Vijay Milton, the buses will carry things that the people of the state have requested for; from food to construction material.

Manigandan KR

Cinematographer-director Vijay Milton's and his team are to ready launch vehicles called 'GST Vandi' (GST Bus) to help the people in the state.

The director said the idea of GST Vandi came to him when he was thinking of ways to spend a part of the money alloted for promoting his upcoming film in a manner that was useful to the public. His latest film, Goli Soda 2, will be released on 14 June. The film is a sequel to the 2014 blockbuster Goli Soda.

"We spend a huge sum of money on promotions. Sometimes, we spend over a crore on it. Suddenly, a thought struck us as to why not reduce the cost of promotions and use a portion of the cost to help the people. The outcome of this thought is this GST Vandi," Milton said.

According to the director, the buses will carry things that the people of the state have requested for. For example, a person who is constructing a school in Chennai for the mentally challenged needs cement, sand and other construction materials. "Our bus will leave from Koyambedu with a 1000 biryani packets and these materials. It will also have butter-milk and tender coconut water. All of this stuff will be distributed to all those who want it on the way to the school. It will reach the venue of the school and our people will look to provide whatever help we can with the construction of the school," he added.

The team is planning to run two to three such buses.

Explaining how the buses will help promote the film, Milton said, "The buses will have Goli Soda 2 promotional material on it and wherever it goes, people will look at it and talk about the film. This is completely for a public cause. We thought we would get the satisfaction of spending, if we spent the money that is earmarked for promotions on something that would benefit the public. We would like to hear from you in this regard."

The director has invited people to come forward and submit their requests.