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Here’s why Chhaya Kadam felt she missed out on Nude

The actress played a nude artist Chandra Akka in the film directed by Ravi Jadhav. 

Keyur Seta

Director Ravi Jadhav’s Nude was the story of a woman played by Kalyanee Mulay. But actress Chhaya Kadam also managed to make a solid impact in the film through her character Chandra Akka. Her character encourages Mulay’s to take up the profession of a nude artist at JJ School of Arts.

It is an interesting story as to how Kadam got the role in the film. In fact, there was a time she felt she missed out on this creative film. “There is a story behind every film of mine,” she said in an exclusive chat with

“Around two years ago a poster of Nude was launched, which I saw on Facebook. Through the poster and the title I was sure this would be an out-of-the-box subject. I felt, I wish I got a chance in such films. As the poster was out, I felt the film was ready,” she said.

She got a pleasant surprise soon. “After 15-20 days, Ravi Jadhav called and asked if I would like to act in his film Nude. I said, 'isn’t that film already made?' He said, 'no we are yet to shoot',” she added.

The film required her character to pose nude for art students. “He narrated a one-liner then itself and said there are a few [nude] scenes which will be shot in a different manner. But he assured that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable or hesitant in them. He said in a few scenes they could use some tricks or a body double and my body won’t be shown much,” added Kadam.

Chhaya Kadam and Kalyanee Mulay

It all turned out to be very comfortable for her. “From day one, I realized that his team was too good. It had people connected to JJ School of Arts, even writer Sachin Kundalkar,” she said. “I had understood that it would go on a different level altogether. Before we got to shoot those scenes where I am posing as a nude model, I had developed a great rapport with all.”

This infused confidence in Kadam even while shooting the seemingly bold scenes. “I started feeling that Chhaya Kadam won’t be sitting here for nude modelling, it will be Chandra Akka. I felt if she has been doing this since 30 years, she wouldn’t be hesitant in showing her body. Ravi and Meghna [Jadhav] were thinking of putting some props during that shoot. But I felt that wouldn’t look real and I told Ravi that I was ready to shoot the way he wanted,” she added with confidence.