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Sultan: The Saviour song 'Aamar Mon' is a rather stale romantic number

The lyrics express a simple proclamation of love but seem clichéd and the tune has also been exhausted by repeated usage.

Roushni Sarkar

'Aamar Mon', the romantic number from Raja Chanda’s Sultan: The Saviour is out. Composed by Savvy Gupta, the song features the film's lead artistes Jeet and Bidya Sinha Mim in various serene locations, basking in pristine romance.

The lyrics by Priyo express a simple proclamation of love that suggests that the male protagonist has been robbed of his peace of mind and sleep thinking of his love interest.

His undaunted passion for her has led him repeatedly to her colony with the hope of catching a glimpse of her in solitude. Though he has held back his emotions for long, it is her indulgence that has finally compelled him to profess his love.

The composition is not very fresh as the lyrics seem clichéd and the tune has also been exhausted by repeated usage by many composers. Singer Mohammed Irfan doesn’t render any special appeal to the song either.

Jeet reportedly plays a driver in the action flick, which is rumoured to have been inspired by the Tamil film Vedalam (2015) directed by Siva and starring Ajith. Apart from Mim, actress Priyanka Sarkar plays an important role in the film.

Sultan: The Saviour is slated for release on the Eid weekend next month. Listen to the song below and tell us what you think of the film's box-office prospects.


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