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Sushmita Sen recalls molestation incident by 15-year-old boy

The actress was speaking at a media event aimed at teaching women basic self-defence techniques.

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Former Miss World Sushmita Sen was recently asked about the grave issue of rising sexual crimes, and she spoke about a molestation incident by a minor. The alleged incident took place some months ago.

Sen was speaking at a media event aimed at teaching women basic self-defence techniques. The actress was asked whether women feel safe in the existing environment in the country.

“Women are unsafe in small towns because their stories don’t reach to you (media). I am a woman. I have been in the public eye for 25 years. So many times people think that we celebrities don’t know about this because we are constantly surrounded by bodyguards, you have all other facilities to protect you. Let me tell you, where you as people, are eve-teased by two people. We as women, in the public, even with 10 bodyguards are dealing with hundreds of men that have often managed to misbehave with us. We know exactly how it happens in this country,” Sen said at the press conference.

Recalling the shocking episode, Sen said, “The last time that happened it was six months ago. I was at an awards function. A 15-year-old boy. Fifteen. There were many men around and so he thought that I wouldn’t know who did it. This is why I tell you guys learn something of self-defence, it makes you a very alert," said Sen.

She further added: “I grabbed his hand, and I was so shocked when I pulled him up, that he was a little boy. He was 15. Typically, for a misbehaviour like that, I could have taken lots of other action, but because he was a boy I grabbed him by his neck, as if I was saying hello to him. I took him for a walk, and told him, 'If I make a hue and cry about this now, your life will be over kid' [sic]".

The boy pleaded innocence, but Sen knew he was the culprit. He eventually accepted his crime. "He apologised. I cautioned him that his life will be ruined. He promised that it will never happen. If it does, then then I’ve seen your face. I recognise that a 15-year-old boy hasn’t been taught that this kind of behaviour is not entertainment. It’s a big mistake. It can cost you the rest of your life. But to grown men who in our country are indulging in gang rapes, they should be hanged without a doubt. There should be no mercy. Start hanging them and you’ll [referring to culprit] understand the consequences whether you are in a city or in a village,” concluded Sen.

After a promising start to her career, the 42-year-old is largely seen in cameo roles. She was last seen in the Bengali film, Nirbaak (2015).

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